Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Even a small contribution can bring a big impact ( Hema )

 Hema's parents migrate from Bihar with their entire family for eight months a year (November to June) to work in the brick kilns of Kanpur, UP. Hema took non-formal education from Apna Skool and with the help of Apna Skool Hema has completed her education till class 12th. After this, she wants to do B.A. ( Honors ) in Education stream from a good university in Kanpur for further studies. Hema is teaching the children who are not able to go to school due to a pandemic in her village right now Hema has her own idea that we have got the knowledge from the school, people, and society, now it is our turn to help people and society through education. To create awareness and make them aware of their rights. Because even a small contribution can bring a big impact.

              Hema Kumari  

                                                                            class: 12th 

                                                                   Apna skool, Tatiyaganj  


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