Saturday, October 8, 2022

Children from Apna Skool - winners of inter -School competition("68" wildlife week celebration)

 Vanya Praani Saptah’68' was celebrated in Zoological Park, Kanpur. Inter-school competitions were organized, in which around 20 schools(1500 students)   participated. Children of migrant workers from Apna Skool Education center also participated in the competitions. A detail related to the result of Apna Skool Kids is given below:

  • Pooja (10th), Ashok(10th), Jyoti (11th), Pradeep (11th), Ranjani(11th), Rohit (11th), Malti(11th), Pankaj (12th) won first prize in "Yoga dance(Senior group) - Apna Skool Tatiyaganj 
  • Anjali (11th) and Soni (11th) won second prize in "Rangoli" (Senior group) - Apna Skool Dhamikheda 
  • Anjali (11th)  won second prize in " Elocution "(Senior group) - Apna Skool Dhamikheda

  • Halida(11th) won third prize in 'Drawing' (Senior group) - Apna Skool Gangaganj 
  • Anjali(12th),  Anjani(12th), At the end of the program, children presented a  bangla dance - Thui - Thui.

                                                                    APNA SKOOL, KANPUR