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Holi Celebration (24 March 2024)

 Embracing the spirit of Holi with open arms and hearts!

24th March Apna Skool celebrated the festival of colors, a time when joy knows no bounds and every soul dances to the rhythm of laughter and love. Let's splash colors of happiness, smear each other with the hues of friendship, and fill the air with the sweet aroma of festivity. Here's to the memories we create, the bonds we strengthen, and the moments we cherish forever. May this Holi bless us with endless moments of togetherness, prosperity, and peace. Let's rejoice, let's celebrate, let's spread the magic of Holi!

International Women's Day Celebration (8 March 2024)

International Women's Day was celebrated in Apna Skool..

On Women's Day, a women's meeting was organized with women laborers, in which various issues were discussed with women.
Following were the topics of discussion.
1. Children's education
2. Cleanliness
3. Monthly Savings
4. Family Planning
all the women were made aware of their children's education. It was discussed with all the women that they should send their children to school every day and not make them work, let them study, and explained to them that they should talk to their children and ask them about what happened in school every day. Talk to them about what happened in school today, what did bhaiya ji and didi ji teach, Didi ji to all the women. Told that you people should talk to your children every day and ask them about school.
Didi ji explained to all the women about cleanliness and hygiene that they should keep themselves and their children clean, bathe their children every day send them to school, and keep their children's clothes clean. Didi Ji explained to the women that dirt causes various types of diseases. it occurs along with this we discussed with all the women about monthly savings and asked them to save by making Chukdi. Told all the women that every week women should save something and deposit it in their Chukdi. At the end of the month, I will make Chukdi of all of you. I will check. Didi ji, all the women said that brother, we will bring chukdi and every week we will save something and deposit it in chukdi.
Didi Ji Raksha Didi Ji discussed family planning with women.
And made them aware of family planning.
Didi ji, all the women were told to raise their voices for their rights.
Also, when you go back to Bihar, get your children admitted to a government school and send your children to school every day.

National Science Day 2024 Celebration

 Apna Skool organized the National Science Day Science Fair to bring the school closer to the community and society. Their guardians feel happy and satisfied when they see their students' performance Additionally, they understand the utility and importance of science in their daily lives. It's important to get kids excited about Science and we take that responsibility very seriously! We make science engaging and fun through classroom demonstrations, diagrams, model-making, experiments, field trips, visiting science parks, and participating in science fairs.

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Educational Trip to the Kanpur Zoo( 24th Feb. 2024 )

Today( 24th Feb. 2024 ), children (around 300)  from several Apna Skool centres were taken on excursion to Kanpur Zoo. Children enjoyed the antics of monkeys and Gorillas, roars of majestic lions and cheetahs, strange Zebras, Giraffes, Black Bears and Gorillas. They were fascinated by the many beautiful colourful fish in the aquarium. While younger were asked to make artwork of what they saw, older ones wrote the list of animals and essays on them. Sumptuous packed lunches of Puri-sabzi and fruits were indeed welcome after an exhausting fun filled day.

Friday, February 16, 2024

Visitor : Vijay Bhaiya from "Asha For Education" (14/02/2024)

 Vijay Bhaiya from "Asha For Education" went to visit the Apna Skool centres. Vijay Bhaiya was a student of the 1989 batch from IIT BHU and he had done B-Tech from IIT, BHU. After this, Vijay Bhaiya went to the United States for higher education. Had gone to America. Vijay Bhaiya first went to Apna Skool Dedupur Center, then to Apna Skool Kalra and Samrat Centre.

- Vijay Bhaiya showed poems, and stories to the children through activities in the Dedupur centre, and all the children wrote their names to Vijay Bhaiya the children asked a lot of questions to Bhaiya and after this, the children of Dedupur gave greeting cards to Vijay Bhaiya. , made of paper (made of rabbit, rose flower, and boat)
- After this, Vijay Bhaiya went to Kalra-3 and Samrat Center for a visit, where Bhaiya talked to all the children and all the children gave their introduction in English, which Bhaiya liked very much. After this, Raksha Didi conducted an activity with the children through cards in which Vijay Bhaiya tried to understand the teaching pedagogy in the best way.
- Vijay Bhaiya had food with all the children and Vijay Bhaiya also distributed bananas among the children. We discussed why we provide nutrition to children in #apnaskool and also told Shukla bhai ya's brother about how many centres are running at present.
- After this, I, Raju Bhaiya, Raksha Didi, and Praduman Bhai gave detailed information to Vijay Bhaiya about the syllabus, curriculum, and teachers' training of "Apna Skool". Shukla Bhaiya gave information about the children of migrant workers and how they came to study in our school. We also discussed the work we are doing in Bihar and Jharkhand.
- Overall, Vijay Bhaiya's visit was very wonderful because Bhaiya said that for the first time, he had seen such a unique school (his school) which is working in the context of education, health, and awareness for the children of migrant workers. At last, Vijay Bhaiya said hello to all the children and promised to meet the children again next time.

Saturday, January 27, 2024

Apna Skool Documentary is released on YouTube on the occasion of Vijaya Didi's birthday and Republic Day.

 Founder of #apnaskool Vijaya Ramachandran You inspire us all with your devotion and affection for those most underprivileged in our society, the migrant brickkiln workers and their children, as well as your vision to ensure that these children have access to mainstream education and for the Apna Skool team to work selflessly for them. Wishing you health, happiness, and lightness throughout your life.

Apna Skool Documentary is released on YouTube on the occasion of Vijaya Didi's birthday and Republic Day.

Hindustan News Paper (26/01/2024)


Thursday, January 25, 2024

Princeton Foundation National Fellowship for Peace and Learning 2023-2024 में हेमा मांझी का चयन

 बहुत ही गर्व की बात है की Apna Skool की छात्रा हेमा मांझी ( Hema Manjhi) जो ईट-भट्ठे पर काम करने वाले प्रवासी परिवार की एक बच्ची है उसने इस वर्ष अगस्त में Princeton Foundation National Fellowship for Peace and Learning ( 2023-2024 के लिए अप्लाई किया था । जिसमे हेमा ने ऑनलाइन लिखित परीक्षा दी ,उसमें उसने परीक्षा पास की। ये परीक्षा आल इंडिया स्तर (Only underprivileged girls are eligible for the Princeton Foundation National Fellowship for Peace and Learning All India Level Examination Fellowship) की थी ।और उसके बाद एक इंटरव्यू भी हुआ। उसको भी उसने सफलता पूर्वक उत्तीर्ण किया।हेमा का Princeton Foundation National Fellowship for Peace and Learning 2023-2024 में चयन हो गया है। इसमें इन्हे परास्नातक की पढाई के लिए पूरा खर्चा #Princetonfoundation देगी और Princeton Foundation के माध्यम से इंटरनशिप भी कर सकेंगी। आज हेमा के माता -पिता के साथ -साथ उनके गांव तेलारी( नवादा ,बिहार) के लोग भी अपने आपको बहुत ही गौरवान्वित महसूस कर रहे है। हेमा अपने परिवार की फर्स्ट जनरेशन लर्नर है। इसके पहले इनके परिवार का कोई भी सदस्य स्कूल नहीं गया है। हेमा अपने गांव के मांझी समुदाय में पहली सफल बेटी है।

(PS : The Princeton Foundation for Peace and Learning is a global organization underpinned with the belief that, “World is One Family”) इसका मुख्यालय USA में है।
हेमा के माता-पिता कारी देवी (मां) और बिरजू (पिता) अपने पूरे परिवार के साथ यूपी के कानपुर के ईंट भट्टों में काम करने के लिए साल में आठ महीने के लिए बिहार से लगभग 20 वर्षों से पलायन करते आ रहे हैं। हेमा के दो भाई और एक बहन है , वे परिवार में कुल छह सदस्य हैं, और उनकी प्रवासी जीवनशैली के कारण, किसी भी बच्चे का औपचारिक स्कूल में नामांकन नहीं हुआ था ।
हेमा ने अपनी कक्षा 1 से 5 तक की पढ़ाई इट भट्ठों पर जागृति बाल विकास द्वारा संचालित अनौपचारिक शिक्षण केंद्र "अपना स्कूल" में की, और उसके आगे की अभी तक पढाई (B A.) भी Apna Skool के सहयोग से ही कर रही है।और स्कूल में रहते हुए उन्हें विशेष रूप से कहानियों की किताबें पढ़ने में मज़ा आता था। उसे खो-खो खेलना पसंद है और वह दोस्तों के साथ झूले पर खेलने का आनंद लेती थी। उसने साफ-सुथरा और सावधानीपूर्वक रहना सीख लिया है। वह बड़ी होकर टीचर बनना चाहती है और कई बच्चों को पढ़ाना चाहती है। वह घर के कामों में अपनी मां की मदद करती है। वह पड़ोसियों और बुजुर्गों की सहायता करना पसंद करती है। फिलहाल वह बीए अंतिम वर्ष की पढ़ाई के लिए कॉलेज जा रही हैं। और इसके साथ -साथ समय मिलने पर ईट- भट्ठों पर अपना स्कूल के माध्यम से बच्चों को पढ़ाती भी है और वापस जब 4 महीने के लिए भट्ठे में काम बंद हो जाता है जब हेमा बिहार वापस अपने गांव जाती है तब वहां अपने गांव के बच्चों को अपना स्कूल के सहयोग से सरकारी स्कूल में ले जाकर पढ़ाती है। हेमा को देखकर दूसरी लड़कियों को भी शिक्षित होने और आगे बढ़ने की प्रेरणा मिलती है|
वर्तमान में हेमा का परिवार चौबेपुर क्षेत्र के कालरा -3 इट भट्ठे पर काम करने के लिए आया है।

Video Show ( Awareness Programme ) DAY-1 (08/01/24)

Timing 5: 30 PM to 7:30 PM
Brick Kiln Name: Samrat Brick Field
Workers meeting
Number of workers and children.
1. Men workers number -30
2. women workers numbers -35
3. Children numbers -35
Total present workers -65
After that, the following videos were shown to all the labourers and children in the video show.
1. On family planning
2. On the importance of children's education
3. Story of Ekta Pur (Story of Ram Rahim)
4. Meena's story
5. Gender Discrimination
6. Cleanliness
-Shukla Bhaiya explained to all the workers at the end of the video that they should not drink alcohol and to save as much money as possible and deposit it safely in their bank accounts. After that, Shukla Bhaiya explained to all the labourers that they all take a minimum or less loan from the contractor when they return to their villages. To develop the habit of going to school regularly, send all your children to a government school when you go back to the village.
-Sangeeta Verma and Raksha Bajpai told the workers about family planning and the benefits of having fewer children. Family planning can have positive economic effects. Households with fewer dependents may have more resources to invest in education, housing, and other essential needs, thereby contributing to poverty reduction and economic growth.
- Praduman Bhai explained to all the labourers that we must teach children and that education is a weapon to change children's lives. Additionally, Praduman said that we should pay special attention to children's cleanliness. It is necessary to send all children to school regularly so that they can study.
- After this, Praduman Bhai and Mukesh explained to all the labourers that whenever they go to the kiln or village, they all should get all their documents prepared and keep all the documents of their children whenever they come to work in any kiln. If yes, could you bring the documents with you? Like Aadhar Cards, Ration Cards, Bank Passbooks
- After this Mukesh told the workers about gender discrimination Gender discrimination involves treating someone unfairly or unequally based on their gender, often leading to disadvantages for one gender such as unequal pay for the same work based on gender and limited access to education, employment, or promotions based on gender.
Presented Apna Skool member for the Video Show
-Laxmikant Shukla Ji , Sangeeta Verma, Mukesh, Raksha Bajpai, Praduman, Sanjiv Bhai, Kripya bhaiya, Pankaj , Ashok.

Monday, January 15, 2024

Two-day teachers' training workshop (5th and 6th of January 2024)

 The Apna Skool team organized a two-day teachers' training workshop (5th and 6th of January 2024) in which an #iitkanpurKanpur Professor, Physics Department (Adhip Agrawal) gave the training to the Apna Skool team on the subject of the #scienceexperiment, and The aim of teacher training is to equip educators with the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to be effective in their roles as instructors, mentors, and facilitators of learning. Teacher training programs have several key objectives, including:

#professionaldevelopmentDevelopment: To enhance teachers' professional knowledge and skills, keeping them abreast of the latest educational research, teaching methodologies, and technological advancements.
#pedagogicalSkills: To develop effective teaching strategies that cater to diverse learning styles, abilities, and backgrounds of students.
#subjectmatterexperts Expertise: To ensure that teachers have a deep understanding of the content they are teaching, staying current with developments in their respective fields.
#classroommanagementManagement: To provide strategies for creating and maintaining a positive and conducive learning environment, managing student behavior, and fostering a sense of community in the classroom.
#AssessmentandEvaluation: To enable teachers to design and implement fair and effective assessments, as well as interpret and use assessment results to inform instruction.
#IntegrationofTechnology: To incorporate technology into teaching practices, enhancing the learning experience and preparing students for the digital age.
#Culturalcompetence: To promote an understanding of cultural diversity and equip teachers with the skills to create an inclusive and respectful learning environment for all students.
#continuousimprovementmprovement: To instill a mindset of lifelong learning and continuous improvement, encouraging teachers to reflect on their practice and seek opportunities for professional growth.
#Collaborationandcommunication: To develop effective communication and collaboration skills, both with students and with colleagues, parents, and the broader community.
#Ethicalandprofessional Conduct: To promote ethical behavior and professionalism in the teaching profession, including maintaining confidentiality, respecting student rights, and upholding a high standard of integrity.
#Overall, teacher training aims to empower educators to be competent, reflective, and adaptable professionals who can contribute positively to the educational experiences and outcomes of their students.

Monday, January 1, 2024

Wishing you a very Happy New Year 2024 !

Wishing you a very Happy New Year on behalf of the children of "APNA SKOOL" as we bid farewell to the old and welcome the new! Happy New Year! May it be filled with laughter, pure happiness, and moments filled with joy. We wish you the opportunity to embrace new opportunities, overcome challenges, and accomplish the goals that matter most to you. Thank you for being a part of APNA SKOOL, and we look forward to sharing many more wonderful moments with you in the year ahead.

Best wishes for a bright and promising 2024!

Thanks with regards
Apna Skool children and Team