Sunday, April 18, 2021



                                                                               Rajive and Raju 

                                                      Apna Skool Hira Center, Maharajpur, Kanpur 


Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The Success Story Of Apna Skool Alumni Gyan Kumar ( A Journey from Brick-kilns to Polytechnic College )


Gyan Kumar is from Bidhokar a village in Hamirpur district in U.P. His parents have migrated to Kanpur to work at brick-kilns. He along with his parents did a brick-making job at his early age. In 2003, Apna Skool center was opened at brick-kilns where his parents were working. He started coming to Apna Skool. and he studied class 1 to 4 in Apna Skool from 2003-2006 at the brick-kilns then he continued his studies at Apna Ghar (a hostel program for migrant students). He completed his 10th from RamKrishan Mishan higher secondary School Kanpur and 12th from Maharana Pratap Inter college while staying at Apna Ghar. He started preparing for the Polytechnic examination with the help of IIT Kanpur students and was selected in U.P. Polytechnic and got admission in Government Polytechnic College Gorakhpur U.P. and completed his diploma in Paint Technology and got placed in Motherson Automotive Technologies and Engineering company where he worked as a trainer. Currently, he is working as an assistant operator in a Printing company in Kanpur. To help the migrant students in his studies and extracurricular activities, he comes to Apna Kendra every Sunday to assist these students (in Plays- Nukkad Natak and studies).

                                                 By: Apna Skool ( Jagriti Bal Vikas Samiti ) Kanpur  

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Success Story ( Mukesh Kumar Apna Skool Alumni has joined Apna Skool as a Coordinator )


We all know Mukesh Kumar, he studied in Apna Skool at brick kilns from class 1 to 4 and then continued his study at Apna Ghar and did MA in education from Azim Premji University Bangalore and he was placed in Kapadvanj Kelavani Mandal (KKM Trust), Gujarat, where he worked as Program Officer about 2 years and also he did Teacher Professional Development course from Tata Institute of Social Science ( TISS )  Mumbai, Now he has joined Apna Skool as a Coordinator. We are happy to have him in the Apna Skool team. 

                                                                                                            Apna Skool, Kanpur 

Monday, April 12, 2021


                        Creativity By: Apna Skool Maharajpur Center students, Kanpur. 

The success story of our alumni of the Apna Skool

 An inspiring journey of Hansraj; a Carts of Bricks puller at brick-kilns to a Shift Incharge at Amazon India.

He is from the village of Pratabhgarh U.P. He was working with his parents since the age of 6. He used to pull the carts of bricks from using a horse. He has faced the hardship of Working for 10 to 12 hours a day since his childhood. In 2003, he came Apna Skool center at Kalra brickkilns. He found about the Apna Skool center and other brick-kilns children studying there and getting food during lunchtime. Initially, due to the temptation of food, he uses to come to Apna Skool irregularly but due to several interactions with the teachers, he then becomes regular students. In 2006, Vijaya Didi and Mahesh bhaiya asked him to stay in the hostel for further study, he was ready but his parents opposed this but after several discussions with his parents, they agreed. His life started shaping in 2006. He completed his 10th from Rama Krishana Mission Higher Secondary School Kanpur and 12th from Maharana Pratap Inter college while staying at Apna Ghar ( A hostel program for brick-kilns students). After this, he started preparing for the Polytechnic examination at Apna Kendra with the help of IIT Kanpur students and got selected in U.P. Polytechnic and got admission in Rajkiya Polytechnic college Sravasti, Gorakhpur U.P. in Diploma in Computer science and Engineering and scored 70 %. He has joined Amazon India in Indore and is working as a Shift In-charge.

By: Apna Skool (Jagriti Bal Vikas Samiti ) 

Mobile Library at Apna Skool Centers

 Apna Skool Mobile library bag contains a set of 50 or 100 different storybooks, and for different age groups according to the requirements at centers. We rotate the mobile library of each center to another center in Kanpur centers because the entire book can be used at the optimum level. One such library is running in Bihar and managed by one of Apna Skool students Gulabi Devi. 

             By: Apna Skool, Kanpur 

Glimpses of Apna Skool

 Apna Skool ( part of a local NGO in Kanpur, Jagriti Bal Vikas Samiti) is a unique network of schools for the children of migrant laborers who are not able to get admission into a formal school because of their itinerant lifestyle. the Apna Skool takes education to the children by conducting classes around the brick kiln and construction site in the city of Kanpur. The organization aims to open as many Apna Skool centers as possible with the double objective of providing basic education to the migrant worker's children and ensuring the integration of these children in mainstream schools. 

                                       Apna Skool, Dhananjay Center, Bhoganipur 

                                       Project of Apna Skool, Kanpur

Friday, April 9, 2021



                                                                     Apna Skool, Hira Center 

                                                                     Made By: Students 


 हे कोरोना तूने बहुत कुछ बिगाड़ा | 

जाना कितने विद्यार्थियों को पछाड़ा | 

मंत्री कितना कोर्से छोड़ा | 

बच्चे गए मजदूरी करने | 

और कोई चारा रहा बकरी | 

तो कोई चारा रहा है घोडा | 

कोरोना तूने रहम भी नहीं खाया थोडा भी | 

गए जहां मजदूर तुमने उस स्थान को छोड़ा | 

वहां से घर की बिन चप्पल दौड़ा | 

पैरों में पड़े बहुत से रोड़ा | 

गरीबों को जैसे पड़ा हो कोड़ा | 

हे कोरोना तूने बहुत कुछ बिगाड़ा 

                                        नाम : पंकज 

                                        कक्षा : 10 

                                      अपना केंद्र , कानपुर 

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

World Vaccination Day

                                                               Name: Prabha 

                                                               Class: 7 

                                                              Apna Skool, Tatiyaganj, Kanpur 


Apna Skool, Tatiyaganj 
Made By: Gayatri 
Class: 5th 



                                              Apna Skool, Kanpur Nagar Made By children. 

Monday, April 5, 2021

रविन्द्र नाथ टैगोर

                                नाम : अंजनी  

                                 कक्षा: 10 

                               अपना केंद्र, कनपुर 

एक शाम

 मैं उस डूबता हुआ, 

सूरज को देख रही थी, 

आकाश की गहराइयों, 

को नाप रही थी, 

नभ में जो ऐसे रंग बिखरे थे, 

मानों ऐसा लगता है, 

जैसे उसके चहकने के नखरे थी | 

शाम को क्या वह, 

हवा की अदाएं थी , 

और बादल की क्या घटाएं थी , 

हार्ट ऐसे पिघला जैसे , 

नदियाँ बहती जा रही थी , 

                              नाम: हेमा 

                              कक्षा :12 

                            अपना केंद्र, कानपुर 


                                         Name: Sonu Kumar 

                                         Class: 2 

                                        Apna skool, Kanpur 


                                              Apna Skool, Kanpur (UP) 

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Glimpses of Sparrow Day


Apna Skool, Tatiyaganj, Kanpur 



Name: Kanchan 
Class: 5th 
Apna Skool, Tatiyaganj, Kanpur 


Apna Skool, Tatiyaganj, Kanpur 


शहीद दिवस

 कभी नहीं संघर्ष से , 

इतिहास हमारा हार , 

बलिदान हुए जो वीर जवा, 

उनको नमन हमारा, 

बिना मतलब के वीरों ने 

दुर्बल को नहीं मारा , 

जो शहीद हुए है सरहद पर, 

उनको नमन हमारा , 

उनको राहों पर हम उन्हें , 

चलना सिखायेंगें , 

उनकी गाथा को कल , 

ये बच्चे गायेंगे, 

जन - जन क है प्यारा , 

                 नाम: रानी 

                कक्षा : 7 

        अपना स्कूल, ततियागंज