Saturday, February 24, 2024

Educational Trip to the Kanpur Zoo( 24th Feb. 2024 )

Today( 24th Feb. 2024 ), children (around 300)  from several Apna Skool centres were taken on excursion to Kanpur Zoo. Children enjoyed the antics of monkeys and Gorillas, roars of majestic lions and cheetahs, strange Zebras, Giraffes, Black Bears and Gorillas. They were fascinated by the many beautiful colourful fish in the aquarium. While younger were asked to make artwork of what they saw, older ones wrote the list of animals and essays on them. Sumptuous packed lunches of Puri-sabzi and fruits were indeed welcome after an exhausting fun filled day.

Friday, February 16, 2024

Visitor : Vijay Bhaiya from "Asha For Education" (14/02/2024)

 Vijay Bhaiya from "Asha For Education" went to visit the Apna Skool centres. Vijay Bhaiya was a student of the 1989 batch from IIT BHU and he had done B-Tech from IIT, BHU. After this, Vijay Bhaiya went to the United States for higher education. Had gone to America. Vijay Bhaiya first went to Apna Skool Dedupur Center, then to Apna Skool Kalra and Samrat Centre.

- Vijay Bhaiya showed poems, and stories to the children through activities in the Dedupur centre, and all the children wrote their names to Vijay Bhaiya the children asked a lot of questions to Bhaiya and after this, the children of Dedupur gave greeting cards to Vijay Bhaiya. , made of paper (made of rabbit, rose flower, and boat)
- After this, Vijay Bhaiya went to Kalra-3 and Samrat Center for a visit, where Bhaiya talked to all the children and all the children gave their introduction in English, which Bhaiya liked very much. After this, Raksha Didi conducted an activity with the children through cards in which Vijay Bhaiya tried to understand the teaching pedagogy in the best way.
- Vijay Bhaiya had food with all the children and Vijay Bhaiya also distributed bananas among the children. We discussed why we provide nutrition to children in #apnaskool and also told Shukla bhai ya's brother about how many centres are running at present.
- After this, I, Raju Bhaiya, Raksha Didi, and Praduman Bhai gave detailed information to Vijay Bhaiya about the syllabus, curriculum, and teachers' training of "Apna Skool". Shukla Bhaiya gave information about the children of migrant workers and how they came to study in our school. We also discussed the work we are doing in Bihar and Jharkhand.
- Overall, Vijay Bhaiya's visit was very wonderful because Bhaiya said that for the first time, he had seen such a unique school (his school) which is working in the context of education, health, and awareness for the children of migrant workers. At last, Vijay Bhaiya said hello to all the children and promised to meet the children again next time.