Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Apna Skool celebrated Christmas day with its students in Bihar and Kanpur.

 Apna Skool celebrated Christmas day with its students in Bihar and Kanpur.

#Decorations: Apna Skool students decorate their center with Christmas lights, ornaments, wreaths, and trees. The decorations are festive and symbolic, with each item representing different aspects of the holiday.
#Gift-Giving: Exchanging gifts is a significant part of Christmas celebrations. People give and receive presents as a way of expressing love, gratitude, and goodwill. Many families have the tradition of opening presents on Christmas morning.
#Feasting and Special Meals: Christmas is a time for special meals and feasts. Families and students come together to share a festive meal, which often includes traditional dishes specific to the region or cultural background. Christmas cookies, cakes, and special treats are also popular.
#Religious Observances: For those who celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday, attending church services is a common practice. Many churches hold special Christmas Eve or Christmas Day services to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.
#Santa Claus and Stockings: The legend of Santa Claus plays a big role in Christmas celebrations, especially for children. Many believe in Santa Claus as a jolly figure who brings gifts to children on Christmas Eve. Hanging stockings for Santa to fill is a tradition in many households.
Christmas Carols and Music: Festive music is an integral part of Christmas celebrations. Whether it's traditional Christmas carols, hymns, or modern holiday songs, music adds to the joy.
#Events: Apna Skool organizes special events and activities during Christmas such as Dances, songs, and festivals. These events bring people together and contribute to the overall festive spirit.
Remember that the way people celebrate Christmas can vary widely, and traditions may differ based on cultural, religious, and regional differences. Ultimately, the core theme of Christmas is about love, joy, and sharing special moments with those you care about.

Monday, December 11, 2023

Apna Skool and Swami Vivekananda Vidyalaya, Lodhar Science & Social Science Mela 2023 (8 and 9 December 2023)

 Dear all,

             Like in the preceding years, this year also Jagriti Bal Vikas Samiti’s SVV conducted a Science, Math and Social Science Mela. Children from Apna Skool (Ganga Ganj, Murari ,Samrat, Dedupur, Tatiyaganj and Dhamna , Fattepurwa Apna Skools) took part in the Science exhibition and demonstrated a number of Science projects done by the children.
Science Experiment & Models –