Monday, July 27, 2020


प्यारी तितली कहाँ चली तुम,
फूल छोड़ कर कहाँ चली तुम।
बागो में न जाना तुम,
चिड़ियों के संग उड़ना तुम।
आकाश में न जाना तुम ,
मेरे संग में रहना तुम ।
साथ –साथ हम खेलेंगे,
सखी सहेली बन जाना तुम ।

नाम : तितली
कक्षा : 1
अपना स्कूल सम्राट सेंटर


पेड़ हूँ मैं पेड़ हूँ ,
लंबा -चौड़ा पेड़ हूँ ।
पत्ते मेरे हरे – हरे ,
फल हैं मेरे मीठे – मीठे ।
हरे, पीले, लाल –लाल ,
मेरे फल को खाते लोग ।
फिर भी मुझको काटे लोग ,
पेड़ हूँ मैं पेड़ हूँ ।

नाम – रोशन
कक्षा -2
अपना स्कूल सम्राट सेंटर

Saturday, June 6, 2020


पेड़ लगाया ऐसा,
झिलमिल तारो जैसा। 
पत्ते हो बिस्कुट जैसे ,
फलों और टॉफी जैसे। 
पेड़ लगाया ऐसा ,
झिलमिल तारो जैसा। 
डाल पकड़ के अलग हिलाऊँ ,
टप -टप बरसे पैसा। 
                  नाम - कल्पना 
                  कक्षा - 2 
              अपना स्कूल सम्राट 


प्यारी तितली कहाँ चली तू ,
फूल छोड़ कहाँ चली तू। 
बागों में न जाना तू ,
चिड़िया के संग उड़ना तू। 
आकाश में न जाना तू ,
मेरे संग रहना तू। 
साथ -साथ खेलेंगे ,
सखी सहेली बन जाना तू। 
                 नाम -तितली 
                 कक्षा- 1 
         अपना स्कूल सम्राट 

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Hindustan Kanpur (16/05/2020)

Apna Skool COVID-19 relief work for migrant brick-kilns workers

Apna Skool COVID-19 relief work for migrant brick-kilns workers

As per the directives from the Government of India, due the Corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic and the impending lockdown since March 2020, functioning of all Apna Skool education centres at brick-kilns and construction sites had to be discontinued.
All the brick-kilns workers’ children are nutritionally vulnerable, so we provide mid-day meals to these students at all Apna Skool centres. Due to COVID-19 lockdown, these children have been deprived one nutritious meal they used to get. Therefore, Apna Skool decided to provide raw food materials to all our students and we started distributing raw food materials (Rice, Flour, Pulse, oil, salt and soap).

First phase of relief work
  • In the first phase of the COVID-19 relief work, we distributed food materials to all Apna Skool students.
Second Phase of relief work
In the process of our first phase of relief work, we realised that all the brick-kilns workers are facing problems in purchasing food grains. Moreover, due to irregular work in brick kilns during these unprecedented times, their wages are being cut and they are often out of cash.
Therefore, we continued and extended the weekly distribution of raw food materials to all the brick-kilns workers and their families at 24 brick-kilns.
Third phase distribution:
As increasing number of cases of COVID-19 in Kanpur, we decided to distribute food materials of three weeks in one go to avoid any miss happenings
Donor’s details who make this possible for Apna Skool in this relief work

  • Asha Silicon Valley
  • Azim Premji foundation
  • AID Portland
  • Pragati Foundation
  • Dynatech Marketing Company
  • Many individual donors

  • Apna Skool Organizational Structure
    Principal Co-ordinators: Ms. Vijaya Ramachandran, Shivam Tripathi
    Sub Co-ordinators: Laxmikant Shukla, B.N. Sharma, Sangeeta Verma, Amit, Murari Kumar
    Transport Co-ordinator: Manoj Shukla, Kripa Shankar Shukla
    Health mentor: Sunita Srivastava
    Number of teachers currently employed: 22
    Teacher-Student Ratio: 1:25

    Support our work at the following details:
    For making your donations, please write a cheque in favor of or alternatively fund transfer into its following bank details and intimate us for providing you a receipt that will enable you to claim income tax deduction u/s 80G .
    Contact Information:
    Newsletter compiled by
    Murari Kumar, Amit, Sangeeta Verma and the Apna Skool Team

    Monday, March 9, 2020


    Kanpur Zoo Trip (6th March’2020): Kids were taken to Kanpur Zoo on 6th March by buses. Students from all centres of Apna Skool got the opportunity to go to the zoo.
    There, they saw peacocks, bear, monkey, Snakes, birds etc. Kids were told to make notes about what they had seen there. Kids were also told about some species of birds and animals like where they are found mostly and what may be the reason that they are found in specific environment. After the trip food was arranged for kids and teachers.

    Friday, February 28, 2020

    Apna Skool Science Fair 2020

    Apna Skool celebrated Science Fair 2020 on the occasion of National Science Day. Students from all Apna Skool centers presented their science model in the science fair.  Kalpna Sikshan Santhan  Tatiyaganj,  all Apna Skool centers, SVV Lodhar and Apna Ghar also visited Apna Skool Science Fair 2020.

    Monday, February 10, 2020

    Apna Skool team visited Siksha Sopan Science lab on 1st February. We had small session with Prof. H.C.Verma. We explored science lab and performed an experiment by guidance of Sopan team and then we had a lecture on history of bulb invention.

    Thursday, February 6, 2020

    Monday, February 3, 2020

    मुर्गा राजा 

    मुर्गा बोला कूकडू कू। 
    क्यों सोता है जग जा तू।।
    सूरज भी अब जग गया है। 
    दूर अँधेरा भाग गया है।।  
    नाम -सकीना 
    कक्षा -4 
    अपना स्कूल तातियागंज 

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