Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Holi Celebration (24 March 2024)

 Embracing the spirit of Holi with open arms and hearts!

24th March Apna Skool celebrated the festival of colors, a time when joy knows no bounds and every soul dances to the rhythm of laughter and love. Let's splash colors of happiness, smear each other with the hues of friendship, and fill the air with the sweet aroma of festivity. Here's to the memories we create, the bonds we strengthen, and the moments we cherish forever. May this Holi bless us with endless moments of togetherness, prosperity, and peace. Let's rejoice, let's celebrate, let's spread the magic of Holi!

International Women's Day Celebration (8 March 2024)

International Women's Day was celebrated in Apna Skool..

On Women's Day, a women's meeting was organized with women laborers, in which various issues were discussed with women.
Following were the topics of discussion.
1. Children's education
2. Cleanliness
3. Monthly Savings
4. Family Planning
all the women were made aware of their children's education. It was discussed with all the women that they should send their children to school every day and not make them work, let them study, and explained to them that they should talk to their children and ask them about what happened in school every day. Talk to them about what happened in school today, what did bhaiya ji and didi ji teach, Didi ji to all the women. Told that you people should talk to your children every day and ask them about school.
Didi ji explained to all the women about cleanliness and hygiene that they should keep themselves and their children clean, bathe their children every day send them to school, and keep their children's clothes clean. Didi Ji explained to the women that dirt causes various types of diseases. it occurs along with this we discussed with all the women about monthly savings and asked them to save by making Chukdi. Told all the women that every week women should save something and deposit it in their Chukdi. At the end of the month, I will make Chukdi of all of you. I will check. Didi ji, all the women said that brother, we will bring chukdi and every week we will save something and deposit it in chukdi.
Didi Ji Raksha Didi Ji discussed family planning with women.
And made them aware of family planning.
Didi ji, all the women were told to raise their voices for their rights.
Also, when you go back to Bihar, get your children admitted to a government school and send your children to school every day.

National Science Day 2024 Celebration

 Apna Skool organized the National Science Day Science Fair to bring the school closer to the community and society. Their guardians feel happy and satisfied when they see their students' performance Additionally, they understand the utility and importance of science in their daily lives. It's important to get kids excited about Science and we take that responsibility very seriously! We make science engaging and fun through classroom demonstrations, diagrams, model-making, experiments, field trips, visiting science parks, and participating in science fairs.