Saturday, October 2, 2021

Cleanliness Programme (on the occasion of 2nd October)

 All the children studying in Apna Skool have started cleanliness in their village of Chiraiya Bihar ( Project of Apna Skool) on Gandhi Jayanti today.  For this, these children have decided to clean their entire village, today the children have cleaned the settlement of the Manjhi community, The children decided that three days a week they would clean their village and their Township, and every Saturday they would clean the drains of their township as long as we were here. The people of Chiraiya village were watching their children cleaning, they are saying that from tomorrow we will keep our locality clean. told the parents of the children if you guys will not stay in cleanliness.  Now if we do not keep the locality clean, then we will start a campaign of cleanliness here together with the children. All the children were very happy after cleaning their locality, all the children, we will keep our township clean. 

                                                                         Apna Skool, Bihar ( Project Of Apna Skool )  

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