Thursday, January 25, 2024

Video Show ( Awareness Programme ) DAY-1 (08/01/24)

Timing 5: 30 PM to 7:30 PM
Brick Kiln Name: Samrat Brick Field
Workers meeting
Number of workers and children.
1. Men workers number -30
2. women workers numbers -35
3. Children numbers -35
Total present workers -65
After that, the following videos were shown to all the labourers and children in the video show.
1. On family planning
2. On the importance of children's education
3. Story of Ekta Pur (Story of Ram Rahim)
4. Meena's story
5. Gender Discrimination
6. Cleanliness
-Shukla Bhaiya explained to all the workers at the end of the video that they should not drink alcohol and to save as much money as possible and deposit it safely in their bank accounts. After that, Shukla Bhaiya explained to all the labourers that they all take a minimum or less loan from the contractor when they return to their villages. To develop the habit of going to school regularly, send all your children to a government school when you go back to the village.
-Sangeeta Verma and Raksha Bajpai told the workers about family planning and the benefits of having fewer children. Family planning can have positive economic effects. Households with fewer dependents may have more resources to invest in education, housing, and other essential needs, thereby contributing to poverty reduction and economic growth.
- Praduman Bhai explained to all the labourers that we must teach children and that education is a weapon to change children's lives. Additionally, Praduman said that we should pay special attention to children's cleanliness. It is necessary to send all children to school regularly so that they can study.
- After this, Praduman Bhai and Mukesh explained to all the labourers that whenever they go to the kiln or village, they all should get all their documents prepared and keep all the documents of their children whenever they come to work in any kiln. If yes, could you bring the documents with you? Like Aadhar Cards, Ration Cards, Bank Passbooks
- After this Mukesh told the workers about gender discrimination Gender discrimination involves treating someone unfairly or unequally based on their gender, often leading to disadvantages for one gender such as unequal pay for the same work based on gender and limited access to education, employment, or promotions based on gender.
Presented Apna Skool member for the Video Show
-Laxmikant Shukla Ji , Sangeeta Verma, Mukesh, Raksha Bajpai, Praduman, Sanjiv Bhai, Kripya bhaiya, Pankaj , Ashok.

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