Friday, April 1, 2016

Six ApnaSkool Centres and their linked Government Primary Schools(Feb. 2016)

We report the partial success in integrating the ApnaSkool children with the Government Primary School System. We succeeded in getting a formal order from the Kanpur Basic Sikshaadhikari allowing the enrolment of ApnaSkool children in the neighbouring Government Schools and permitting our teachers to accompany them to ensure that their learning continuity is maintained. Given in the accomapanying table are a listing that links various ApnaSkool centres, the Teachers in charge of them and the Government Primary School they have started attending.
Presently all these children are making use of a classroom in the Government Primary School and are instructrd by our teachers and provided with mid day hot meals that are run by us. WE look forward to the future when they will become fully students in Government system, with our teachers playing a useful supplementary role.

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